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Profile Sheet
音樂背景 國外音樂系
最高畢業學校名稱 Hong Kong Baptist University
教學經驗 5年以上
論壇的音樂知識分享 鋼琴的心琴點播 (共20篇)
鋼琴音樂檢定比賽與考試 (共8篇)
鋼琴彈奏學習者的天堂 (共6篇)
精選音樂賞析 (共12篇)
教授項目 Composition, Improvisation, Pop music Mechanism, Western Music History, Western Piano Pedagogy, Contemporary Music Theory, Music Theory and Piano Examination (Grade 1 - 8, ABRSM)
音樂經歷與教學理念 Master Degree in ethnomusicology, Japanese minyo, cultural and national issue. Piano tutor and music teacher in secondary and elementary schools.